Eat to Lead

The Course

Live, weekly coaching with Luci Gabel the author of Eat to Lead—your personal coach and leader.

Are you ready to feel your energy soar,

and be more positive and productive all day from better food habits?

If so, it's time for you to get the personal attention and inspiration you need from an expert coach.


It's time for you to focus on the food details that really count, and get faster, longer-lasting results that can change your life forever.


In Eight Weeks You'll Learn How To:


Increase your energy

  • Get rid of your afternoon slump without having to drink more coffee
  • Reclaim the energy of your youth, and be a more energetic leader
  • Eat meals that help you to stay energized through the day and into the evening


Improve your Brain Health

  • Increase your decision-making ability, creativity, & thinking capacity
  • Eat foods that support your brain’s productivity, agility, and longevity
  • Get rid of stress eating & sugar craving
  • Support your optimal hormone balance


Feel strong and powerful in your body

  • Support your body with food through every decade
  • Radiate confidence with a good physique and a clear mind
  • Support a strong immune system

Optimize your Leadership Potential

  • Enhance your ability to make good decisions, be innovative, and inspiring to others
  • Learn how food affects your energy, mood sleep, stress, brain health, and physique
  • Be a leader even if you don't have a title

As an added bonus, we’ll myth-bust the fads! 


You'll find out:

  • If intermittent fasting is a good idea.
  • Whether carbohydrates are okay to eat
  • If high fat diets are good for your brain
  • Whether juice cleanses work

  • How these fads affect your leadership impact

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