—Leadership Breakthroughs 2020—


What Kind of Leader Will You Be in the New Decade?

In this workshop gain:

A fresh, new perspective on leadership

Tools to make big changes in your leadership and life

Power to be an inspiration for yourself and others


Move from Contemporary Leadership into Being a Leader of the Future

Research proves that the best leaders are efficiently effective, powerfully productive and compassionately present for others—for the long run. They are lifetime learners, innovators and game-changers; they boldly keep their own physical and mental maintenance a top priority in order to keep it all going, and they lead by example. This is the next level of leadership, and it's the leadership of the future. You can be that leader!

"Since working with Luci I make better decisions, I sleep better... I make more money and I’m a better leader overall. I'm at the top of my game! "

Gary Schira
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We'll discuss the future of leadership and create your next moves for your new, transformed leadership, and a life that supports it.


A True Leader is Someone People Want to Follow

True leadership is inspirational, motivational, and transformational. It reaches people at a fundamental level.

Be a next-level leader this year.


Immerse yourself into the experience, put into practice the elements that will take your leadership—and life—to the next level (right here in this room).



This is a small-group, interactive program with directed conversations about real-life experiences, current issues and cutting-edge learning. You'll leave with concrete steps for transforming your leadership to the next level. Scroll down for the full schedule in detail.

  • Spend Saturday, April 18th, in the beautiful hills of Los Angeles with Luci Gabel as your Leadership Breakthrough coach. We'll have inspiring and enlightening discussions and create actionable goals for your transformed leadership based on topics below. Your day will be enhanced with light activity amidst the mountain views.
  • During the week you'll take planned steps and recieve a one-on-one coaching session to solidify your new path
  • Enjoy the second Saturday in the comfort of your own home attending live, virtual interactions. Discussions will include lessons learned through the first week of strategic implementation and next steps to move forward.

At this intensive small-group workshop you'll enjoy:

  • Peer input and support
  • Collaborative learning
  • Research-driven information
  • Custom solutions
  • Practical applications
  • Experienced coaching
  • Lifelong connections

*Register before April 4th to receive a pre-and post-workshop coaching session (2 additional coaching sessions) with Luci to support you in advancing to your next level of leadership.

**Registration closes April 15th or when seats are sold out, whichever comes first.


Spaces Are Limited



Pre-workshop Coaching Sessions

When you register before April 4th, you'll be set up with a pre-coaching session with Luci. We'll get you started on your next steps before the event even begins.



Saturday, April 18th, 2020—10am to 5pm

Along with stimulating discussions and cutting edge material enjoy a light yoga, meditation and alignment session, have a light lunch on us and an (optional) dip in the pools at the end of the day.


Morning Topics

Align your leadership with your life, biology and psychology

Understand your full spectrum of energy sources and create a plan to get what you need for optimal performance.

Leverage neuroscience for optimal decision making power

Use both conventional and unconventional time-management techniques to get the most out of your brain power.

Leading positive change

Leadership fundamentally includes leading people through growth and change. We'll discuss change strategies that work including those that are of paramount importance yet infrequently used.

Afternoon Topics

Feminine Leadership

A discussion for both men and women about the future of feminine leadership. While ushering in a new era the time is ripe to create a beneficial and positive new reality for everyone.

Leading from the Inside Out

Explore how intuition and wisdom fit into all the other data sources we use to make decisions with integrity and congruity.

Food and Leadership

An overview of why a leader needs to pay attention to food. Discover how we fuel the brain and body for long days as well as longevity, leaving the fads out of the equation.


Light Morning Yoga and Meditation for Alignment—Light Afternoon Exercises—Optional Evening Pool Time

 Bring your current issues to the table and we'll work on them here.


April 18th - 25th

During the week between sessions you'll take definitive steps towards your 2020 leadership and life goals. You'll have a one-on-one coaching session with Luci during this time to light a fire under your performance.


Early Access with Bonuses

Registration before April 4th includes two additional coaching sessions with Luci to accelerate your progress in being a leader of the future.




SATURDAY, APRIL 25TH, 2020—10am-4pm


Workshop Follow Ups

Review of the past week and sharing what we learned.

The Exceptional Leader

Making decisions for yourself and others using your week of data as a sandbox.

Pull VS Push Leadership

What is leading others as opposed to pushing others and how we do it.

Conversations that Motivate

What it means to keep every conversation motivating and forward moving.

Furthering Your Skills as an Exceptional Leader

Options for continued growth.


Morning Yoga Power Poses and Meditation—Afternoon Movement and Group Visioning Practice

"I had such a great time and I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned with my colleagues! You were engaging, thoughtful, inclusive, and informative!"

Jamie Seward
Affinity Engagement and Alumni Relations, Johns Hopkins University

Your Coach and Leader

Luci Gabel helps leaders to be  integrated and satisfied with their work, and become inspirational and motivational to those they lead. Along with advanced degrees from Johns Hopkins and the University of Maryland in business, nutrition, and physiology, she's held leadership roles in entrepreneurship, startups, private companies, and the Department of Defense. She's worked with many leaders through her 20-year career, and has seen and experienced how great leadership can be when you prioritize your values, and boldly make one of those values taking care of your self. All registrants will receive a copy of Luci's new book, Eat to Lead



We can be a leader in many ways and places: in our career, our family, social groups, and our community. We don't always have to have our leadership cap on. But when we do, we want to be motivating, inspiring, and effective, and someone who people want to follow. This course is ideal for:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business owners
  • Rising managers
  • Team leaders, group leaders and decision makers

Others may also be comfortable here as well. If you're not sure if this program is right for you or if you'd like more information, call or email here:


What You Get:

  • Admission to the Leadership Breakthroughs intensive small-group workshop
  • Dynamic and interactive learning and practice of cutting-edge skills for advancement as an inspirational and motivational leader
  • Concrete steps for taking your leadership to the next level in 2020
  • Accountability to ensure your first steps get you solidly on your new path
  • Peer input and support
  • Collaborative learning
  • Research-driven results
  • Lifelong connections
  • Practical applications
  • Custom solutions
  • Power to be an inspiration for yourself and others


*Register before April 4 and receive pre-and post-workshop coaching (2 additional sessions) with Luci to accelerate your advancement.

**Registration closes April 15th or when seats are sold out.

Your leadership can be a joy to you and those you lead.

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