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Rosemary Lindle, Ph.D

Clinical Professor and Director of the ELITE Performance Center, Department of Kinesiology, University of Maryland, College Park, Owner, Professional Fitness Consultants, LLC

This book is chocked full of evidence-based, usable nutrition information...If you are looking for another wacky fad diet, this isn’t it. However, if you are looking for an approach that will help you achieve long term success, this is a must read. In the world of fad diets, this myth-busting book is an “Aha” moment.

Sunil Bhaskaran

Founder, Global Business Mastermind

Meaningful and thoughtful practices in nutrition lead to effective decision making and leadership. Luci’s book and her methodology tells you how you can use easy, timely and quick practices to build your leadership and start feeling energized, clear minded and unstoppable in your day-to-day life.

Lee Constantine

Co-Founder, Publishizer 

This book by smart nutritionist Luci Gabel guides you in making your own personal food decisions that lead to higher energy levels, more brainpower, better sleep, weight loss, disease prevention, and more. The pace is designed to fit into the life of a busy professional.

Doreen Solomon, JD

Partner, Retired

Luci approaches nutrition like a business person approaches business. She uses what we already know about overcoming problems in business to solve our personal nutrition challenges. Luci is talking about nutrition in a way that no one else is right now. 

Robin Tucker

LPC, Psychotherapist & Leadership Coach

I love this book, it’s like having a coach by your side. It’s as if Luci’s talking directly to me, I can feel her encouragement and hear her enthusiasm!