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Are you ready to feel your energy soar

and be more positive and productive all day from better food habits?

If so, it's high time you get attention and inspiration from an expert.


Focus on the nutrition details that really count, learn how to make decisions based on nutrition science (not advertisement and marketing), and get faster, longer-lasting results that  change your life for the better, forever.


What You'll Get:


Increase your energy

  • Eat meals that help you to stay energized through the day and into the evening
  • Get rid of your afternoon slump without having to take in more coffee, sugar, or calories
  • Understand the rhythms of YOUR body and brain so you can give them what they need for optimal performance
  • Reclaim the energy of your youth, and be a more powerful and inspirational leader


Improve your Brain Health

  • Increase your decision-making ability, creativity, & thinking capacity
  • Eat foods that support your brain’s productivity, agility, and longevity
  • Get rid of stress eating & sugar craving
  • Support your optimal hormone balance


Reclaim your strong and powerful body

  • Know how to support your body with food through every stage and change
  • Exhude confidence with a strong physique and a clear mind
  • Support a strong immune system

Optimize your Leadership Potential

  • Enhance your ability to make good decisions, be innovative, and inspiring to others
  • Learn how food affects your energy, mood sleep, stress, brain health, and physique
  • Be a leader even if you don't have a title

As an added bonus, we’ll myth-bust the fads! 


Get all your questions answered and more.

You'll find out:

  • The scoop on intermittent fasting
  • What carbs are and if your body can handle them
  • How much fat is necessary for your brain
  • Whether cleanses are useful
  • How current fads affect your leadership impact
  • Additional gems that didn't make it into the book


During this Program You'll Enjoy:

  • Making food choices that support your optimal body, brain and leadership abilities. Experience the Eat to Lead journey with Luci  (the author, an experienced leader, and med school nutrition professor) as your guide. Gain more in-depth knowledge about your personal nutrition needs and make healthy habit changes that fit into your life—and last.

  • Peers on the same path. People like you—interested in learning and growing, craving optimal performance in leadership and life through better nutrition habits. These relationships foster friendship, along with lasting growth and change. 
  • Motivation to keep going, adding up small changes that make big differences.

  • Having the knowledge, skills and ability to make food decisions that improve your capacity to be a better leader, decision maker, communicator and motivator.

  • A high performance edge through healthy food habits.


*None of these outcomes are guaranteed, although they are common among people who go through the whole program, take action according to what they learn, and are consistent in their action!


Luci Gabel

Luci is a professor at the GWU school of medicine graduate program. Also a professional leadership coach and trainer with years of experience in leadership. 

Not an armchair theorist—Luci's been in leadership roles around the world; held positions at private companies and the Department of Defense; has been an entrepreneur and VC-funded start-up founder. 

Her leadership roles were in 5-star, white-glove, high-profie clubs and spas, where she learned how to handle high levels of stress, motivate others, and optimize her own performance through science-backed health habits (not fads).

Along with experience and a masters' in business (MBA, Johns Hopkins), she has a deep background in science with advanced education in nutrition, genetics and physiology (BA, MA, University of Maryland College Park),

She's lived and worked internationally:  New York City; Washington, DC; Honolulu, Hawaii; Silicon Valley;  Seoul, South Korea; and Los Angeles.

Luci will be the experienced, caring coach at your side, helping you achieve the health and life you're bold enough to envision.


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Registration is closed but we can stay in touch.

Registration for the spring program is closed, but if you want to stay connected and know when the next one comes out— fill out this form and we'll be in touch!

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I hate spam. I will never share your email.